Van Gogh Museum

Video Walls, Outdoor & Indoor Digital Signage


The famous Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam started using Summit DIS’ Digital Signage system, both hardware & software, in 2006. The displayed dynamic content, optimizes the flow of visitors, shortens waiting times and informs the multilingual, international public visiting the museum, both inside as well as outdoors.

At both entrances and within the Van Gogh Museum a professional, state-of-the-art Digital Signage environment has been installed. The total installation consists of two large Video Walls and more than seventy display, indoors and outdoors.

Except serving as an efficient and sophisticated wayfinding solution, the digital signage solution displays useful information for the visitors. The shown content contributes highly to complete the Van Gogh Museum experience.

All displays are being operated by the Summit DIS WebCMS and Digital Signage platform. The respective employees of the museum take care of the renewal of the content, the content management and the content planning themselves.

Check out the ‘making of this project’ video by clicking this link:

BENU Apotheken

Digital Signage displays, combined with Queuing Kiosks


BENU Pharmacies, with over 300 locations, uses Summit DIS’ Digital Signage solution already since 2007. From that moment, BENU has used the Digital Signage displays as a dynamic communication channel towards its clients. At a later stage separate ‘Queuing Kiosks’ were added to the signage solution. The comprehensive real-time management information module of the Queuing software is integrated in the dashboard of the original WebCMS environment. Based on the data retrieved from the queuing system individual pharmacies have an even clearer picture of their total operation in relation to customers visits versus staffing. The sequence numbers are displayed through a link with the own BENU Backoffice environment.

Briefing and/or instructions on new content or on content which needs to be updated/changed run uncomplicated and unambiguously via the Summit DIS communication portal, SignConnect.

Today, product offerings in combination with queuing information play an important role in the ‘message of BENU’s digital communication inside the pharmacies’.

Accor Hotels

Guest information and Wayfinding


The Accor Group, European market leader in the hospitality and tourism industry and worldwide leader in hospitality services, has hotels in over 100 countries. In the Netherlands Accor is well known for its brand names; Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure, Ibis Styles and Ibis budget.

Accor the Netherlands selected Summit DIS in 2005 as its preferred Digital Signage supplier. In all of the Dutch Accor hotels the Summit DIS’ solution has been deployed for guest information, general communication, brand development and wayfinding. In most of the Dutch Accor hotels displays have been installed near the reception desks and in the hotel lobbies. Various hotels also use the Summit DIS’ Digital Signage solution as a professional wayfinding system for their conference centres.

The most important objective for Accor’s display communication is informing its guests as complete as possible. It is a mix of information about the hotel (and conference centre) itself, the surrounding area, the respective city and all other hotel related matters.

It was of decisive importance for Accor that Summit DIS’ Digital Signage & WebCMS solution was simple to use, intuitive and self-explanatory. In fact, for operating the WebCMS system the hotel staff do not need a user training or even a manual.

In collaboration with the Marketing Department of Accor in the Netherlands, the Summit DIS content-team has developed and implemented DIS the content for all of the respective hotels / brands.

Shell E&P

Corporate Communicatie and HSE


Since 2004 Summit DIS deployed its Digital Signage solution, both hardware & software, to Shell locations worldwide. The digital displays are being used for messages related to Internal Corporate Communication and Health Security & Environment (HSE) warnings and expressions. The Summit DIS’ Digital Signage solution has been validated by Shell and after it was found completely IT safe it is installed and used on their own internal network. Today the Summit DIS solution is operational in Shell branches in over sixteen countries around the globe. 

At the request of Shell we provide the support for the design, development and deployment of professional and up-to-date content. The Summit DIS content-team cooperates extensively with Shell Qatar with respect to not only the production of the content but also the creation and scheduling of it. The complete process, from briefing to design and from preview to animated templates, is being managed through Summit DIS’ dedicated content & communication-portal, SignConnect. This portal offers all people concerned a professional and complete overview of the various approval statuses, clear communication and general content planning. It makes the total content creation process much more flexible and uncomplicated.

Gemeente Rotterdam

Corporate Communication and Wayfinding


‘The Rotterdam’, an impressive landmark building designed by world famous architect Rem Koolhaas, accommodates the City Council of Rotterdam.

For both a professional and adequate wayfinding for its visitors as well as its own internal and external communication, the City Council has chosen for Summit DIS’ Digital Signage solution. The complete deployment consists of more than fifty displays for the corporate communication and more than eighty wayfinding displays.

For organising, creating, developing and implementing the content the Communication department of the Rotterdam City Council has made use of the services and support of the Summit DIS Content-team.

On behalf of the ‘Timmerhuis’, a co-location of the Rotterdam City Council, the Digital Signage solution of Summit DIS was also selected and meanwhile installed. At the ‘Timmerhuis’ the system is also being used for Corporate Communication and Wayfinding purposes.